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Sonoyta was able to find confirmation, on that Oxford Union appearance, in the form of a blog entry. Click below for the full writeup.

The most amusing question of the afternoon? An American dude, with ?If you could high-five anyone in the history of the world, who would it be?? Utterly stumped, Portman asked him who his choice would be. Quick as lightning, he replied ?you?, and duly got his wish, to the amusement of all.


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  • Jeroen says:

    Ok, I want to high-five Natalie.

  • Sak says:

    Great writeup. I suppose it’s pointless to cry out how much i envy them all.

  • Streakfury says:

    Kudos to the guy who was quick-witted enough to get a high-five. My hat goes off to him.

  • Ashmiester says:

    Good answer…lucky guy:)

  • Dana says:

    It’s endearing, a celebrity that uses their power and intelligence for good rather than evil.

    The American guy gets my kudos. Somehow I think he wanted more than a high five, though.

  • hatikva says:

    That was fun to read. But, oh, Envy! Anyone know if she’ll be talking about FINCA at any American universities?

  • Mac81 says:

    I’m asking myself wheather Natalie is going to attend the “Goyas Ghosts” premiere tonight. I think she will.
    At her last premiere for “V for Vendetta” I had the great luck to obtain an autograph from her. Let’s see who she’s going to make a happy man tonight 😉

  • JenR1215 says:

    i didnt read the write up. Ive been reading all day at school, that was too much.

    The quote^ is too cute. I can totally picture that happening. lol

  • JenR1215 says:

    Goya BTS footage

    Good, but could of been better.

    She still had no hair 😛 !!!!!