new poll


Samiad sent word that Shirley Manson (lead singer of Garbage) mentioned Natalie in her blog:

“Went to see Gardenstate last night and loved it.I finally get why so many people go so crazy for Natalie Portman.She’s never really interested me before but the penny certainly dropped for me during this movie in which she is utterly and unarguably adorable.”

It’s time to change the poll so before we get to the new one, here are the results of the last…

That new Another Magazine set of pictures are…

Wonderfully stylish 57.93% (274 votes)

Confusing 21.56% (102 votes)

Overly stylish 19.24% (91 votes)

Right, so the new poll is about songs. Specifically songs from Nat’s recent trailers. There are some great ones in the two Garden State trailers and the Closer trailer and I wonder what you guys feel is the best.


Veracity sent in an entry for the last photoshop contest but it was too late to be included. Anyway, so it gets seen, here it is. Quite clever.

Speaking of which, we’ve only had a few entries for this weeks competition so get cracking. It might be the last chance because after the 4th one I’m going to stop and put up a poll to see if we should keep the feature or toss it.

Ciao for now.


Just found out I messed up a couple wallpaper links in mondays update. They’re now fixed.