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Sometimes I get an email with news that I really should update with right away. Only sometimes these emails arrive just as I’m about to get into my warm (albeit lonely) bed. Tonight is such a night. But after staring at the email for 5 minutes hoping it’d go away, I realized that it won’t let me rest till I update. So here I am…updating.

“Thanks” to Nicole for the following:

Scoop! J. Lo Will Attend Met Costume Gala
The countdown, the meltdown, the gown!

NEW YORK: Friday, April 23, 2004

Last-minute scoop on Monday?s Costume Institute Gala:

Jude Law may have backed out, but The Daily has learned exclusively that Jennifer Lopez will be in attendance Monday night. A well-placed source within the Met said that she will most likely be bringing Marc Anthony as her date (?It?s very hush hush about Marc,? said the source), and that she will be dressed in either Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. No replacement for Law is expected.

Other Celebs Confirmed To Attend: Natalie Portman, Paul Walker, Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst.

Maybe: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. They?re both scheduled to be front and center Monday night at Sean ?P. Diddy? Combs? stage debut in ?A Raisin in the Sun,? at the Royale Theater.

The Questions Everyone Is Asking Now (Post-Jude):

Whose table will Jennifer sit at? Insiders say Anna Wintour?s table, but there?s that alleged rift between the editrix and the diva over a Vogue cover shoot that never happened. Besides, Renee?s already going to be at Anna?s table.
What is Anna Wintour wearing? Good luck getting that answer. Word has it that she will be very, we mean very, 18th-century appropriate. ?She is going to wear a full dress, designer unknown, and it?s to be the most exquisite dress ever,? said our source.

Extra Scoop:

As of Friday, only five out of seven exhibits have been completed. Crews will be working overtime this weekend.
Everyone is still asking what kinds of dresses they should wear.
Ridiculous request of the week: ?How wide is the main door leading into the museum?? Women are now concerned that their dresses will be so poufy that they won?t fit in through the door. For those of you thinking the same question but didn?t have the nerve to ask, the door is 65 inches wide.
Party planner Robert Isabel will turn the inside of the Met into a wonderland of purple and lavender?lots and lots of orchids and lilacs. Asprey, the evening?s chief sponsor, is providing all the porcelain and china for the dinner tables.
Because Asprey?s signature color is purple, there will be a purple carpet in lieu of the traditional red. The massive tent/photo pit erected for the evening was originally slated to be purple as well, there were concerns the photographs look weird against a purple backdrop.
It?s not just the socialites having what-to-wear (WTW) dilemmas: Kate Betts and Amanda Ross are still deciding. Says Betts: ?I?m going through a little bit of a crisis right now; I think I have an idea, but it depends on what will fit!?

Why is J-Lo still famous?