glory glory


I’ve been trying to think of a good editorial idea but I’m coming up blank. So I thought I’d extend the offer to you guys. If someone has got something on their mind about Nat, try sending it in. If I feel it’s fresh enough and well written I’ll stick it up. Sort of a guest column.

Meanwhile, we should have the nat pic battle up soon…ish and expect a new comic strip this week.

Now for the news.

Here is a scan of the EW article Sanji was talking about yesterday. Thanks to April. Awesome name, btw.

Babel says that he/she was watching tv and saw Gael in Argentina with his new Colombian girlfriend. I wouldn’t get too excited just yet. Just thought I’d pass it along and see if anyone else has heard anything.

Celia sent in a scan of the Leon review from a book called Cult Movies in Sixty Seconds. Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3.

Celia also sent in a comparison from Cosmogirl. You’ve gotta see this.

And finally, a couple pieces of fanart.

Sean with 3 new posters, all for Lolita.

And Katie fiddled around with the new SW pic.

I could swear I was forgetting something…ah screw it.