quickie but a goodie

Hey all

The new gallery is now up although Melody needs to add a bunch of pics when she gets online. So that’s just a rough version but keep checking back and eventually it’ll have lotsa pics, without watermarks and hi res. Thanks to the usual duo, Mart and Melody.

If you can’t wait, I posted some of the new pics here. If the pics don’t work just copy the url into your address bar.

Nate and I made a new comic strip so be sure to check that out here.

The results of the old poll are in…

What would you like to see more…

Movies? 78.59% (367 votes)

Charity/Humanitarian projects? 20.99% (98 votes)

My god, we’re selfish. Haha.

I decided to do the new poll about the wonderful new Gala pics. Enjoy.

Sinta found this new old pic of Nat with the dude with the scariest hair I’ve ever seen.

And that’s it for today. We’re aiming to start the nat pic battle on monday, although it’s a bit of a guess at this point.