The Fashion Queen of the RED CARPET

that almost sounds like an indiana jones movie.

BUT FIRST! there’s a new pic of natalie in UGANDA! thanks to Rachel.


DAZZA butting in here. has another great Uganda pic, which you can see here.

and second there’s a review of the garden state trailer (yeah. they review trailers. and i thought i was useless.)

Natalie Portman has never looked so beautiful or been so likable on screen, and she doesn’t even talk. The visual imagery exposed in this scant 70-second clip proves that Braff has a real eye for filmmaking, especially the shots of Portman dancing by the fireplace, which resemble a Baroque painting.

you can read the whole review along with other trailer reviews here.

thanks to cal

next up. Reece was watching TV and decided to tell us about it.

I thought I would mention that I was watching Inside Edition this morning on abc and they had a segment about young actresses who are becoming fashion queens on the red carpet. Although they didn’t mention her name, they showed a brief clip of Natalie wearing her new dress.

hell yes. thanks reece.

okay. and now we have the wallpapers. and FAN SUBMISSIONS. now that just sounds gross.

a drawing from Pawe.

a FASHION QUEEN of the RED CARPET wallpaper by William

and a Retouched Pic by Gersom.

and also i’d like to announce that JC is alive and Well and posting again after his year long absence. what happened? he lost his keys. WHA?!? that reminds me of this guy who called in to work cause he couldn’t get his shoes on. …he couldn’t get his shoes on.

alright. welcome back JC and thanks to all the people sending stuff in. this is where i would do a REGAL BOW. or something.