You know how I said we’d be ready to roll on monday…well you’ll note I never said WHICH MONDAY!

Ok, well I worked very hard this weekend and did my end of things but Mart hasn’t been able to finish his workload. To be fair, the real spanner in the works is a problem with the poll script.

The pics have been chosen from your submissions, submissions from the staff and then me filling the remaining spots. In total there are 128 pics throwing down.

The first round matchups were chosen by me. I picked them based on a number of things. Keeping what I think (based on how many times they were submitted) are the most popular pics apart. Matching up pics that are similar…same hair, same pose, same age, smiling, grumpy, bashful…because really, a pic of a hottie 21 year old Nat against a cute 14 year old Nat isn’t really fair. But this picking of matchups is only for the first round. From round 2 onwards it’s totally up to the Gods…and you guys.

Also should note that we won’t put up all the matchups at once. We’re gonna go for 8 matchups on mondays and 8 matchups on thursdays. Since this week is messed up it’ll be tuesday and friday for this week.

Anyway, I’m beginning to confuse myself but have faith. This is gonna suckrock!

Seeya tomorrow.