Nat off Capa?


Kris came back today and whipped up a nice poll script and we’re pretty much all set to go. Just needed a couple last things from Mart but he’s disappeared offline. If he comes back on before I get to bed the battle will start tonight. If not, it’ll have to be tomorrow.

Come on Mart!

I’m trying to work out Kris’ update yesterday. We did “post” those pictures, but we did it via the newsletter because of the “threat of Lucas”. And I know Kris saw the newsletter so I dunno what the hell that was about.

Awhile back someone who was working on Head in the Clouds informed me that Natalie had pulled out and was replaced by Charlize. We even did a comic about it.

Anyway, the same guy is working on Capa and mailed me earlier in the week saying Natalie was close to signing. Well he’s just mailed me with the news that Natalie has turned down the role. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if this is true and if the reason becomes known.

Eagle eyed Cal has found info that Garden State will be opening the LA Film Festival on June 17th. Here’s a link.

Also should have mentioned that Natalie attended the One Family Fund event in Denver on Tuesday. If you recall it’s about victims of terrorism in Israel and she’s attended similar events before.

Sorry for forgetting but it’s been all about the battle this week.

Barry says that todays edition of British Daily Mirror has an article dissing Nat’s earrings from the last event. I understand the hatred for the earrings but how can you overlook everything else?

“Star Wars Pin Up Natalie Portman Dropped a clanger when she wore these ridiculous accessories!”

If someone can send in a scan…

And finally, two pieces of fanart.

A drawing from Gregory.

And a scary pic of Gersom’s ghost holding Nat.

Mart is now online so let me get this out of the way and get to that freaking battle.