Natalie The Smoker?

Holy crap.

Natalie has totally trumped the excitement of the Nat Pic Battle with this discovery.

Melody found that pic and this one from her recent appearance.

I’m shocked. I mean, it’s not my lungs but she’s always been so firmly against it. When I saw a cig in her hands on the set of Closer I thought it was part of the role but now I guess it wasn’t.


You can all blame Gael.


Mart has searched some smoking sites and found this site that has an interesting little write up:

At one ironic rock n? roll moment, we were smoking with Keith Richards? daughters Theodora and Alexandra, while Jade Jagger puffed in the opposite tent. Other smokers: Narciso Rodriguez, Ivanka Trump, Carson Kressley (bums smokes), Sophie Dahl, Natalie Portman (chimney), Scarlett Johansson and Thom Filicia.

And here is the smoking list page for Natalie.

I’ve got an opinion but it’ll have to wait till an editorial tomorrow.