gael and nat officially split?

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There are gael tidbits all over the place. I’m not going to put them all up but the IMDB had this:

Star Wars beauty Natalie Portman is a single woman again – after ditching hunky boyfriend Gael Garcia Bernal. The stunning 22-year-old actress has been dating the Bad Education star since meeting him at a post-Oscar party in 2003 but friends say cracks started appearing in the romance a few weeks ago. According to British newspaper The Sun, the final straw was when Portman discovered her beau had opted to take his parents to the Cannes Film Festival this week instead of her. Portman’s previous boyfriends include Moby and Lukas Haas.

Now, they may or may not be together but that’s a load of crap if I ever read it. How many celeb events, where they know they’ll be photographed, have they been to in their 15+ months together? NONE! Why? They don’t want to be seen together. They don’t want their relationship all over the papers. So I really think it unlikely that a) Nat would want to go and b) that Gael wouldn’t take her if she wanted to.

I dunno what’s going on but these breakup reports seem sketchy at best. Gael has admitted to lying about his relationships to the press and it’s clear they want privacy, so I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to say it’s all a lie.

But if they have broken up…well I’m sure a lot of you will be happy. And that’s quite sad.

There is a new Garden State trailer, although it only has a couple seconds of new footage. It’s not worth downloading unless you’re really bored and the caps of the new scene are here:
This is from the scene where they go to fight in Iraq
And another

Thanks to Amidoll for that.

Barry sent in scans from a cute article from Star Wars Mag about Natalie’s costumes.

Sean made a Leon 2 poster of sorts.

And finally, Anna has made wallpaper about the smoking.

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