Natalie and Harry Potter


Natalie attended the NY premiere of ‘Harry Potter and Plumber of Kazakhstan’ last night. Her date for the event was…wait for it…wait for it…


Thanks to Melody for working on the gallery which you can see here. She’s dressed casually but looking oh-so-good.

We’ll be adding to the gallery as we get new stuff in.

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Pasha and Melody found some info on why Natalie might be hanging out with Anthony Edwards’ family.

Anthony Edwards wife is actually the president of Stila cosmetics and a make up artist.
Makeup artist Jeanine Lobell has been quite busy over the past few years with her work appearing on such notable magazines as Vanity Fair, In Style, Elle, and Mademoiselle with such notable clients as Natalie Portman, whom she considers a good friend, and Sandra Bullock.

And here’s a pic of Jeanine and Nat.