DAY 5/6 i guess. because it’s so late. and DAZZA is afraid that tomorrow (meaning Saturday) our server HAL is going to break down.

So this is the last PORTMANIA update. John Kerry tried to keep us down. PORTMANIA was getting too powerful. and he was jealous because we look better in green than he does. BUT TOO BAD! cause PORTMANIA IS HERE TO STAY. except not for another year now. you jerk.

but enough of that! it’s time for


which is.. Um … JOHN KERRY.

and we’d all like to thank Charlie the NatDog for his hard work in helping us all week. A BIG HAND FOR CHARLIE. WE SALUTE YOU.

okay. now let’s get started.

Avion got into the PORTMANIA spirit after he found these to new games at his local store. here’s his discriptions and pics.

The first is a new Star Wars game, dedicated to some brave jedi knights that have to face many dangers in their journey to ask Natalie her autograph.

The second one is an espionage game, where a mysterious man known with the codename “Sanjiro” must locate and rescue Natalie, kidnapped by a terrorist organization known as “Jude Law’s Fun Club”, angry with her because of the famous kiss.

Kisses and Good Portmania

those look like the BEST GAMES EVER. and the production values!!!

Tsoi Wing Chi sent in this Really good wallpaper.

Ashley Quenan drew this AWESOME Drawing.

and speaking of drawings, Alexander Dramountanis wanted us to show his Incredible drawing archive that features none other than NATALIE PORTMAN herself.

next is this WORK OF ART by Jose from Spain.

This is a Special PORTMANIA REPORT:

This just in from John Kerry’s spokesman. i guess they want to apologize.

John Kerry had nothing to do with it, you twit. Don’t talk to us.

apology accepted.

now that we’re all happy again… LET THE UPDATE CONTINUE!

mathias made this cool BLUE wallpaper.

a classy piece by James.

Natalie as Angel by Martin.

and that’s the whole darn thing. i’d like to thank everyone who sent stuff in this week. news and art. thanks a billion! and i’d like to thank Pants Wearing NATALIE PORTMAN. for having a Birthday. and for being Super Neat.

and so PORTMANIA ends for another year. one brief week of HAPPINESS. unruined by jealous politicians. thanks for reading and stay warm and safe.