catching up


Ok, just needed a bit of a break from major updating. But I’m feeling fresh again so let me catch up on news and emails.

A lot of people are asking just what sort of promotional appearances Nat will be making for ROTS. Because of her V shooting schedule it’s really hard to know at this point. The rumoured Letterman appearance is the only thing I’ve heard (outside of the Cannes premiere) and even that is sketchy.

There is a bit of ROTS promotion with these two segments from IFILM, in which Nat looks lovely.

Nat and others talk SW costumes

Nat and the other actors talk ROTS

Thanks to Stephen.

Melody has updated the Another Mag Party gallery…a gallery that is sort of a must for male Nat fans. *cough*

And updated the ROTS gallery.

And added a gallery for Teen People.

Pasha found a lovely new Nat pic, which comes from…somewhere.

Mike sent in W scans that are a bit better than the ones we currently have.

Have mercy
Those lips…

James Berardinelli’s rather glowing review of ROTS is now up.

Which leads me right into another batch of ROTS and AOTC pics…cos hell, we haven’t seen enough of those yet.


Practicing for the big dance off scene
The dance off
Anakin is not pleased with second place
But Padme reminds him that there’s always next year

Solo Nat
Solo Nat 2
Solo Nat 3
Solo Nat 4
Solo Nat 5
Solo Nat 6
Solo Nat 7

Whew. Thanks to Orionsaint.

Melroze Magazine has an article that basically sums up Nat’s career thus far. It’s nothing new but might interest some of you.

Teen People’s site has some Nat pics up as she’s one of their hottest stars under 25.

Thanks to Jen for both of those links.

Robin sent in this blurb from the Howard Stern show.

Robin talked about how Bai Ling (Actress from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) was cut from the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith because she’s going to be pose nude for Playboy. Bai Ling is asked about what she thinks of various actress and says that she thinks Natalie Portman was more attractive in her past. Robin jokes, ‘I wonder what Natalie lost….” Howard quickly adds, “Her Youth!” Bai Ling also says that Paris Hilton is “Smart.” Uh huh…..


And now a bit of fanart.

A nice Padme wallpaper in two sizes from bENi.


Mike, who sent in the W scans, also put together a great wallpaper with two of the pics.

Barry sent in a sweet Oscar wallpaper.

And finally, Shassy sent in a couple sketches. Click here and here.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new comic and a new poll.