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Natalie attended a party to launch Bill Clinton’s new book. And she wore shorts! But the pics are a bit…bleh, except the first which is smoking. Err, not literally.

I really hope she ditches the wig/extensions and goes back to her own beautiful hair.

Anyway, check out the gallery here.

Orionsaint sends word that IGN has an advanced Cold Mountain DVD review. Below is an excerpt.

In it, Natalie Portman erases all memories of her embarrassing performance in Attack of the Clones with her portrayal of a desperate widow and mother. She pulls out quite possibly the most emotional and heartfelt performance of the movie, damn near stealing it from Zellweger, who in turn stole it from Law and Kidman.

And finally, some miscellaneous scans from Nat-AH-Lee.

I know I said I’d have a new poll but I lied. The lesson for today? People lie.

But I will do it tomorrow. Or will the lesson tomorrow be “people lie a lot”?


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