Things may not seem different but we are, in fact, on the new server. So…yay!

A big thanks to Audio and Pher, who has hosted this site (for free) for years when it would have been very easy to tell us to tone down the bandwidth usage or even find a new home. So a HUGE thanks.

While we’re dishing out thanks, thanks to those of you who have donated. Especially Bryan who donated $100 and James who donated $1.45 (which is just bloody funny).

It’s important to mention that this donation thing is just to help us with the initial payments. Soon the ad will be up on the site and a month or 2 later will bring in revenue that will, hopefully, totally pay for the server. So don’t worry, it’s not up to you guys to keep the site afloat forever. We didn’t want you guys paying for the service, we didn’t want to pay ourselves (nor could we), we didn’t want to have to take away the sites content to lower bandwidth usage and we didn’t want to work “Coca Cola” into every second paragraph.

So, I think this is the prefect solution. And don’t worry, the ad will blend into the layout quite well.

Anyways, I’ll be back later with the new poll and new picture poll. I promise…muhahaha.