Bye Bye Board


And so one of the quietest Nat weeks comes to an end. But the next few weeks are going to be crazy so enjoy the quiet. Pasha from AQMB says that Nat is going to be on the cover of the next Allure Magazine and I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes the front of one or two others.

Here are the results from the last poll. I was pleasantly surprised by how few of you were offended.

Natalie giving Julia Roberts a necklace with the word “cunt” on it is…

Hilarious. 37.7% (331 votes)

Pretty funny considering the content of Closer. 26.08% (229 votes)

Rather accurate. 19.59% (172 votes)

Disgusting. 15.49% (136 votes)

Tomorrow the message board will be going down. It should be back up in a few weeks with a few changes. People will probably now be able to post on the “members” board as well as the Nat section. But the Nat section has never really picked up. There have been some cool cats that came through it but for all the people who use this site, there should be tons of great Nat/site related discussions. I hope when it comes back online you will all turn out in numbers.

But I thought I’d ask in this new poll.

When we found out what cigarettes Nat smokes I didn’t want to mention the brand on the site because I felt that Nat wouldn’t want us advertising it and possibly influencing people to give it a try.

But to the point, Jamie sent in a great satirical ad about the whole thing and it’d be a shame not to put it up. So enjoy BUT DON’T SMOKE!

Jen sent in a more conventional wallpaper over here.

And finally, something pretty damn cool. Sam sent in this pic of his wall. If you want to do something similar, head on over to this site, which does it for you.

Have a great weekend.