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It’s semi final time in the Nat pic battle. The finish line is in site so, once again…


Tomorrow is a big tv day for nat fans. Conan is the main attraction but on the undercard we have a Charlie Rose appearance and The Early Show (CBS).

Apparently Nat was on Ryan Seacrest’s show on friday but it wasn’t as guests, it was an interview segment. Did anyone catch it?

AJ had a great find. A new pic of Natalie.

Claire sent in this blurb from Empire’s (great UK film mag) 10 greatest shoot outs. At number 7…

“Benny, bring my everyone,” snarls snivelling weasel Gary Oldman as he attempts to root out the film’s quasi-Lolita coupling, hit man Jean Reno and protégé Natalie Portman, from their scuzzy New York hotel. He’s going to need everyone. While the extraordinary gunfight twists and recoils into every more exotic shapes, crafted by the ingenuity of both acrobatic killer Reno and his Gallic director Luc Besson’s athletic camera (extra marks for POV death scenes), the sequence also proves to be the movie’s emotional fulcrumm. Only in this deliciously inverted love story could such a touching goodbye be conjured amid a storm of bullets and crumbling masonry.

Damn straight.

Now to some site stuff. Melody is back and the new galleries are flying off the conveyor belt.
Several galleries have been added to the Magazine Section.
And several more galleries added to the Public Appearances section.
Not to mention a new gallery for her Letterman appearance and additions to the Closer and Good Morning America galleries.

A big thanks to Melody for all that work and more.

And finally, I’ve gotten several emails asking where to find Natalie’s John Kerry t-shirt. You can do so over here.