This is gonna be quick cos I’ve got some other stuff to do. So…

We’ve got the, unfortunately titled, Nat on Seacrest clip online.

I totally forgot about the From the Inbox for the Closer Trailer Editorial, but remembered today and with the help of Kris…VOILA!

Melody has updated the Pre Letterman gallery and there are some real smoking pics in there. Errr…not literally this time. Also a belated thanks to Kris for doing the grunt work.

The former assumed dead staff member JC has a couple nice links. The first is the Closer trailer and if you have a really fast broadband connection the image might be a lot better than the one from the Sony site.

And over here is a link to a pic of a collage of Natalie on Charlie Rose. Whew. We should have that clip up on the site tomorrow, but by all accounts it wasn’t anything special.

Ekyillia sent in a link to an interview clip. I haven’t seen it yet so it could very well be anime porn for all I know.

And finally, a very very very strange rumour regarding Nat’s dad. Scroll down to the 3rd heading. Thanks to Mel and fan11.

That’s it for tonight.