fayn aryt


I’m having some problems with my phone line (dial up modem user here) so I’m having to use the home phone line to connect to the nat…errr…net.

Hopefully it’ll be fixed in a couple days but until then, my updates have to be brief. So tonight I’m just gonna handle fanart…ok fine, I’ll throw in these great hi res scans of the Time Out London pics as well.


Thanks to Rainer!

And now…the fanart…

A couple lovely wallpapers from Devan to kick things off. Click here and here.

A wonderful wallpaper over here from mc68k.

Loleia made these two interesting vector images. Click here and here.

And lastly, Sascha made up a poster for the actors originally linked to Lolita.

Oh, almost forgot…CANADIANS!!! Nat is on Canada AM on CTV this monday.