the strip is back


Since things are returning to normality, it’s time to bring back the NP.comic. Thanks, as always, to Nate.


It’s a quiet day so here are a couple blurbs from JC:

If we had to pick a muse, it’d be classic and classy Natalie Portman. Her buddy Britney Spears would be the fashion-don’t poster girl.


I can’t hate, I can only congratulate. Here’s a kid from South Orange, N.J., who toils away as an unassuming sitcom actor, only to come out with perhaps the only Jersey-based film not to degenerate into a big smell joke, B-level mob flick or a dick-and-fart Kevin Smith film. He nails what post-college life is like for a lot of us who end up back here on our own and gets to make out with Natalie Portman while doing it! Plus, he gets to ask Coldplay and The Shins to contribute songs to his soundtrack and get giddy as a schoolboy on his blog when they say yes. You brilliant fuckface! He’s everything I’ve aspired to be, and a reminder of everything I’m not. He’s told a Jersey story as I’d only dreamt it, making me feel less Braff and more Large. You have a Taylor Ham sandwich beer on me whenever you want it, along with my eternal envy.


That’s it for now.