here we go again


If you’re a guy and you still have nightmares about Nat and Gael, you might want to skip to my earlier update.

If you’re still with me…it looks like Nat *might* have a new guy in her life. I bet Charlie hates him.

These pics are of them leaving a restaurant in London. Thanks to Sommerfly for the find.

She looks so cute. Lucky guy.
Adorable ponytail dontcha think?
But damn, her taste in bags is awful. To these uncultured eyes at least.
She must like her guys scruffy.

In all seriousness, if she’s happy that’s good enough for me.

And we also have this scan from Ophelie from French Glamour.

And finally, in Dave Poland’s Fall Preview, Closer and Nat get a nice mention.

Closer – December 3 – Mike Nichols, Julia Roberts and a lot of talk about sex. Freed of her Mona Lisa Smile, Roberts, who is also back in Ocean’s Twelve, leads the four-way infidelity drama while Natalie Portman is said to steal the show. Probably too serious to make serious money.

That’s it for now.