Wanna have Natalie on the phone?

NataliePortman.com, together with Mobile Push, is proud to announce it’s spanking new feature – Cellphone images! Yes, that’s right, now you can have your favorite pictures of Natalie sent to your cell phone to use as wallpaper or in themes.

Just head over the the archive and click on the picture you want and click “Send to my cell” and you’ll get a new popup window where you can scale it the way you want it to fit your phone. Then just send it over! Naturually, it’s a pay-per-use feature and so we chose the cheapest alternative ($1 per picture). However, if you (like me) live in a country that doesn’t serve SMS charging you’ll have to pay with credit card which will be a little bit expensive.

So far I’ve added all the magazines pictures from the “Battle of the Pics”, but we will be adding more later. If you want YOUR favorite picture, just mail me and please include exact URL to the picture you want!!

Enjoy, and remember – when all else fails, go back to bed.