Nat in Playboy


Ok, not quite as exciting news as some of us would wish. Here is the scoop from Darth Vengeant.

Just though I would give you a heads up, Portman is in the new issue of Playboy, October 2004. Page 173 in the Grapevine pages. “A hint of Harvard Crimson”. It shows a pic of her and a few lines about her below her pic.

The US Open gallery is now up and included are some natalicious new pics found by Melody. We think that the lady in the orange is Nat’s grandmother. Quite a cool granny.

If someone can find hi res versions, please send them in.

You might see we’ve added an amazon page with all sorts of Nat related goodies. If you’ve signed up to the newsletter you’d know we are struggling a bit. But this should help and will definitely be the last venture…until our line of underwear hits stores in the spring.

And finally, here are the 3 Photoshop pics for this week.
Contest pic 1
Contest pic 2
Contest pic 3

Creativity and humour!

That’s it for now. I might be back later if we get some new US Open pics.