MafiaCrack has found 6 hi res Closer pics, 3 of which are new. And when I say hi res I mean HI F***ING RES BEEATCH!

Well hello there.
Blonde. Brunette. Pink. It’s all good.
It’s just not fair.

Then these next 3 are larger versions of pics we already have.

The staring match.
Cute as a button. Nat also looks quite cute there. And very young.
I’ll never understand girls who like earrings like that.

Right, thats it for the pics.

And here’s some big Closer news. From Dave Polands blog:

Columbia will, after all, run Portman & Owen in Supporting categories while Roberts & Law will run in lead for Closer.

This should force Fox Searchlight to run Portman in the lead category in Garden State.

Nat up for supporting AND best actress? Hells yes!