Nat in the UK, new banner, new Closer pics


Alright, so let’s get to that update.

We’ve added a new banner (made, like all the rest, by Caleb) for Garden State. If you haven’t seen it by now and you’re impatient, click here.

20 new Hi Res pics have been added to HFPA Luncheon gallery. Thanks to Edina and Melody.

Nat is in London at the moment, for the Garden State premiere (at the London Film Festival) on the weekend. She’s going to be swinging by MTV UK to talk about it. Thanks to J Man.

Orionsaint and Sara sent in the cover of the Garden State DVD (Due December 28 – Check our merchandise page if you want to pre order), which looks a little something like this. I think they could have done a better job :-/

Closer pics are coming thick and fast and here is the latest batch.

HUGE pic – thanks to Kirijama
Another HUGE pic – thanks to Kirijama
Emotional hug – thanks to Tufkad
Hehe – thanks to Fan11

And finally, if you, like me, still haven’t been able to see Garden State, then this might be good news. Found in Zach Braff’s blog by Wispy:

Trinidad – Sept. 22
Lebanon – Oct. 14
Poland – Nov. 5
Australia – Nov. 25
New Zealand – Nov. 25
Slovenia – Nov. 25
Venezuela – Nov. 26
Brazil – Dec. 3
Mexico – Dec. 3
South Africa – Dec. 3
UK – Dec. 10
Chile – Dec. 23
UAE – Jan. 5
Hungary – Jan. 13
Portugal – Feb. 3
Spain – Feb. 4
Greece – Feb. 11
Italy – Mar. 11
Argentina – Mar. 31
Sweden – Nov. 26 (2005)

Hey Kris…AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. (Kris replies: I’ve been to all countries in bold during my world tour :))

And finally, some more info on the latest dating rumour. Thanks to Cooldude.

I think that’s it for now.

I’ll probably be back later with a new poll and some additions to the editorial. Also, don’t forget to send in your photoshop entries for the weekend.