nat in London


Just a quick update tonight.

Natalie attended the London Film Festival for the Garden State premiere earlier tonight. Mart was going to head over there as a pseudo field reporter and tomorrow we might be able to bring you his story and any pics he might have got. But until then, here are some pics from the pros.

Zach is such a slacker
Buy a suit, dude

Thanks to Tufkad for those.

We’ve also got some more pics from the TRL appearance.

What a smile
Hi res 1
Hi res 2

Thanks to Roger, Ekyillia and Tufkad.

We’ll be adding galleries for those events, with more pics, as soon as the server issue is sorted out.

And some final big news. Maxim magazine have named Natalie one of five most gorgeous girls in Hollywood. She joins Keira, Jessica Alba, Kristen Kreuk and Ashley Hartman. The issue will be out in December. Thanks to Giane, Devan and Tommy.

Ok, that’s it for now. If you want to be a part of the photoshop contest you better send in your entry by tomorrow.

Till then, seeya.