this is an update


So, two members of the staff have now met Natalie and neither mentioned their job on the site. Nice to see we’re all so proud of the work we do here 😉

Right, what do we have for this evening…

When the server is sorted out we’ll be putting up galleries for both the MTV and Film Fest appearance. But until then, here are two more hi-res pics from the latter. Click here and here. Thanks to Jaunma.

Josh, like so many others, was less than impressed with the Garden State cover. So he attempted his own version here.

I found a thread on RT that had a similar idea, so check that out as well.

Steve sent this link, which claims that Natalie is a big fan of Sasha Coen aka Ali G. No doubt!

Amidoll found a small blurb throwing more logs onto the Closer fire.

We were impressed by a report in the New York Post about former child star Natalie Portman, who shows she’s all woman in her new role as a stripper in Mike Nichols’ forthcoming Closer. The Star Wars princess disrobes on camera, and the tab calls Portman’s act “an eyeball-scorcher.”

But what really flipped our lid was the tab’s use of adjectives in calling Portman a “pulchritudinous pussycat.”

Yeah, we had to look it up too: “Characterized by or having great physical beauty and appeal,” says. Now that is hot!

Tomorrow I’ll be updating the poll, adding some more From the Inbox emails and sorting out the photoshop poll. All of this depends on when Kris does the server work.

Seeya tomorrow.