happy days


Quite exciting times in Natworld, huh?

Oprah and the Star Wars teaser both coming out on the same day. Both crying out for a poll. Click here to see which one I went for.

Here are the results of the Sith poster poll:

So what did you think of the Revenge of the Sith poster?

Not enough Nat. 47.87% (314 votes)

Fantastic. 22.71% (149 votes)

Awful. 14.02% (92 votes)

Bizarre. 13.87% (91 votes)

There’s some cool Closer news today. Hangtough sent in word that the official Closer site has opened.

While Sonoyta and Atypical have a preview of the EW Holiday issue with Nat and Julia on the cover.

First the LEON SE news and now HEAT SE is on the way. Personally, it’s probably still my favourite film that Nat has been in. Although certainly not my fav Nat movie, if you get what I’m saying. Anyway, head over here for the details. Thanks to Orionsaint and Mista.

Liana sent in this cute pic from the London Film Fest. She found it on Zach’s Blog.

Remember when we used to get wallpapers? Well Eugene is here to revive the practice. Very nice effort indeed.

And finally, Nat in a humvee? Thanks to Anthony.

Have a great weekend.