flipping flop


I guess I must pluck up the courage to carry on by saying goodbye to my furry friend. I must let you go but I’ll never forget you.

Jeff Wells has a story of his own broken heart:

It breaks my heart to hear that director Mike Nichols shot some nudie footage of Natalie Portman in Closer (Columbia, 12.3) only to cut some of it out. I know this makes me sound like a panting dog. I’m not trying to denigrate Portman — I’ve heard that she gives the film’s most vivid performance. (I’ll bet costar Julia Roberts is delighted that people are saying this about Portman, on top of Catherine Zeta Jones grabbing higher placement on the Ocean’s 12 one-sheet.) Portman apparently asked Nichols to trim the footage because it made her uncomfortable, and because Nichols felt for her, being so young and all. What does this imply about Nichols’ directorial exactitude? If Gloria Swanson had asked Eric von Stroheim to trim some risque footage out of Queen Kelly (1929), would her autocratic, monacle-wearing, control-freak director have obliged? You tell me.

There’s not much in the news at the moment. Hopefully we’ll have those Elle pics and article soon and don’t forget that the Actors Studio episode is on in a couple weeks.

Just when we thought we’d never have to hear the word flip-flop again, Linus and JC have found some articles that implicate Natalie in flip-floppery.
Link 1
Link 2

A very vague rumour to say the least and even if she did say it, who knows the thought behind it. Perhaps, like so many Democrats, she takes some consolation in Bush having to clean up his own mess. Maybe she’ll bring it up in interviews for Closer.

Melody has updated this gallery with 8 after party pics.

And finally, Roger F sent in this great collage from the Oprah appearance.

I’ll likely be back later with a new poll.