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I just lost my whole update, just as I was about to finish it up.


Ok, back on the horse.

3 more From the Inbox emails have been added to the last editorial. Thanks to Mart.

If you haven’t seen Natalie doing her thing in the Damien Rice video yet, shame on you. But in case you can’t get it to work, here is a collage of what you’re missing, courtesy of Dirk Diggler. You know, of all the physical and mental attributes that have been put under the spotlight over the years, I don’t think her ass has ever been one of them. Well aside from the butt scratching incident but that was indirectly ass related.

I’ve honestly gotta say, even though it’s crass, that’s one fine ass right there.

But what do you think? It’s a new poll!

Jeff Wells also weighs in on the ass debate in his Wired column.

I was in West L.A.’s Laser Blazer last night (Friday, 11.19) and I heard one of the clerks mention Natalie Portman. What about her? I asked. “My friend’s in love with her,” the guy answered. “Tell him to see Closer then,” I said. “So they didn’t cut her nude scene?” he asked. “No, they did cut it but it doesn’t matter,” I replied, “because what they left in is fine, trust me. She’s got a beautiful ass.” The guy and three behind-the-counter colleagues who were listening crowed in unison, “Whoaaa-hoohhh!” The guy said to me, “I think you just sold four tickets!”


The Closer train keeps rolling with two new pics from Sonoyta.


By the end of next week we’ll know whether Closer has won over most of the critics or if the feeling is decidedly mixed. At the moment it looks good though as Ebert and Roper’s two thumbs way up will and this Newsweek review weigh in.

JC found that Yahoo is saying that Closer is going wide on December 3rd and not limited as was initially expected.

MSNlive does weekly celeb chats in which they also use fan submitted questions. If you head over here you can submit questions for the upcoming Natalie-Closer chat. Thanks to Reece.

*cue 382649 questions about cut footage*

Jar of Almonds found a cute poll on Liquid Generation. Click on “Who’d you rather” and then “Paparazzi shots”.

Almost forgot, here are the results of the last (and silly even by our standards) poll:

With the new Kamiseta and Lux ads coming out yesterday, what else do you wish she’d endorse?

Victoria’s Secret 51.25% (348 votes)

Chanel 24.45% (166 votes)

Camel cigarettes 7.36% (50 votes)

Durex 7.36% (50 votes)

Nike 6.04% (41 votes)

McDonalds 2.36% (16 votes)

Now for a bit of fanart…

Amy sent in these two wallpapers.
Star Warsy
Flowah Powah

And Hello-Stranger.net has some nice Nat/Closer wallpapers so check them out.

And finally, we need a new Spanish staff. If you have the time, the skills (bilingual) and the desire…send me an email.

That’s all folks. And don’t forget Actors Studio today!