I’m thankful for

… you guys! All of you who are contributing to the site with news, articles, wallpaper, fanart and movie clips! If it weren’t for all of you this site wouldn’t be as big as it is!

Today we can all thank Mike! Mike is the guy who recorded the entire “Inside the Actor’s Studio” in HDTV and is in the process of sending it over. We’ve got the first clip, and after some mixing and converting we now present…

It’s about 18 minutes long and weighs in at 85 Mb. And it’s good! I learn more about Natalie in those 18 minutes than I have from all her 10 appearences on Letterman!!
(on a technical note : I encoded it with variable bit rate to get the file size down (the original is 830!), and since it’s 99% two people sitting down talking that’s mostly fine, but you’ll notice some jerky stuttering effects – most notedly (and regrettably) during her tap dance. I’m sorry for that but it was required to get the file size down to <100 Mb! If you insist I can post a perfect 10 second clip of it without the stuttering). As usual, it's on the mirror site that's only online 8pm->8am CET (2pm-2am EST).

Thanks Mike! Can’t wait for clip 2!