Closer in 6th place for the weekend

Hello strangers

It seems Closer exceeded box office expectations, pulling in 7.7 million from just 476 theatres. It also had the highest per screen average of the top 10, by a considerable margin. Click here for a full breakdown.

Here are a couple Closer reviews:

One by James Berardinelli, my favourite critic.

– And a review from Emanuel Levy, which is probably the best one that I’ve read so far.

I’m going to wait a bit longer before I start getting your feedback on the film.

There’s some news on Tom Tykwer’s site about True.

– True has won best German short film for 2004.

– It also picked up the award at the International Short Film Festival.

– There’s news on the site that Tom’s DVD box set will be released in 2005 and will include all his feature films (I’ve seen Run Lola Run, Princess and the Warrior and Heaven…they’re all fantastic) as well as his short films. Hopefully True will be included.

– And finally, a fantastic True wallpaper.

Thanks to Herzwerk.

The People’s Choice Awards have added a new category, Best Look. Go here to vote for Nat. Thanks to Richard and Jon.

The Guardian has an article about Natalie. Thanks to Penguin.

And finally, we’ve updated the Natalie and Me editorial with some more (and quite funny) From the Inbox emails.

Tomorrow I’ll set up a new poll among other things.