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30 minutes after this update I will be sending out a new newsletter. It’s gonna be a good one so I hope you’re signed up.

It seems that Bravo changed their schedule again. The Closer Making of Episode is now set for thursday afternoon.

I’ve got a new poll up but before we get to that, here are the results from the last one:

Whats your level of interest in Closer?

Can’t wait! Going to watch it as soon as I can. 46.41% (472 votes)

Pretty high but I’m not in a rush. 29.89% (304 votes)

I think I’ll wait for it to hit DVD or video. 9.54% (97 votes)

I’m still undecided. 8.06% (82 votes)

I’ve got no interest in seeing it at all. 5.6% (57 votes)

And here is the new poll.

Dave Poland takes a closer look at Closer’s release strategy.

Bob sent in a couple scans from the new EW. A Closer review and a pic from the premiere.

Reel Films is running a contest with Garden State DVD’s as the prize. If you’re in North America click here to enter.

Catrina sent in this…errr…Kamiseta can.

Mike is putting together a desktop calendar for 2005 and it’s looking good so far. Here are the first 4 months.

We should have the next 4 months tomorrow.

Roger F sent in this wallpaper, which uses the recent “crack whore” pic.

And finally, a couple wallpapers from Barry. Click here and here.



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