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Things are still quiet but tomorrow, at the very least, there will be an editorial and a new poll up.

Closer has managed to hang in to a top 10 position in it’s 3rd weekend with 3.5 million (19 million total). But it’d take a miracle to keep it there next weekend.

Amidoll managed to find another great FYC ad. Click!

The end of year lists are starting to come out.

Ebert’s list has Closer just outside his top 10:

“Closer” is Mike Nichols’ story, based on Patrick Marber’s play, about four characters who fall in and out of love and betrayal in various combinations, complicated by their tendency to tell the truth when it doesn’t exactly help anyone to know it. Natalie Portman is luminous in her first grown-up role, as a New York stripper who comes to London and falls in love with Jude Law, a journalist who writes a novel about their affair and then falls in love with Julia Roberts, his publicity photographer. She in turn meets Clive Owen, a doctor who, in his turn, meets Portman. These four people richly deserve one another. Seduced by seduction itself, they play at relationships which are lies in almost every respect, except their desire to sleep with each other.

While his buddy Roeper has Garden State in 11th and Closer in 12th in his top 25 films of the year.

Nat was also specifically mentioned in his report card:

Most romantic moment of the year:Zach Braff kisses Natalie Portman in the driving rain in “Garden State.”

Best meet-cute of the year:Natalie Portman’s Sam meets Zach Braff’s Andrew in a doctor’s office in “Garden State.”

Sam: “Hey, I recognize you.”

Andrew: “Oh, did you go to Columbia High?”

Sam: “No, not from high school, from TV. Didn’t you play the retarded quarterback?”

Andrew: “Yeah.”

Sam: “Are you really retarded?”

Andrew: “No.”

Sam: “Ooh, great job, man! I really thought you were retarded. I mean, you’re better than that Corky kid, and he’s actually retarded. If there was a retarded Oscar, you would win, hands down, kick his ass!”

Double-play actresses of the year:Kate Winslet for “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Finding Neverland”; Natalie Portman for “Garden State” and “Closer”; Laura Linney for “P.S.” and “Kinsey”; Rachel McAdams for “Mean Girls” and “The Notebook.”

That’s a lot of love.

And finally, to get you all pumped for the Garden State DVD release, Liana sent in this pic of one of the menu’s.

That’s it for now. Seeya tomorrow.


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