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The IGN readers poll has started. So head on over here to vote for Natalie as best actress and hottest babe. You can also vote for Closer as best drama and Garden State as best film and best comedy. Thanks to 24nolf.

Speaking of Closer, here are the results of the Closer poll:

What did you think of Closer? The film, NOT Natalie’s performance!

I haven’t seen it yet. 49.03% (253 votes)

Very good. 24.61% (127 votes)

Probably her best film yet. 12.98% (67 votes)

A mixed bag. 6.78% (35 votes)

Awful. 3.49% (18 votes)

A little disappointing. 2.52% (13 votes)

Nice to see a mostly positive response to such a divisive movie…although I’m sure that stripper scene certainly helped.

Here is a new christmas themed poll.

Melody has updated a couple galleries.

Golden Globes

Kim sent in a couple blurbs.

This is an interesting article about nudity in films.
A brief review of the year.

I guess I should finally wish everyone a happy holidays and a reminder to check back tomorrow for a little present from NP.com.



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