I feel I should say something about the tragedy but I’m at a loss as to what. Hopefully none of you have loved ones affected.

Here are some Oscar race rankings, based on a “mathematical system”. Natalie should at least land a nomination if these charts are anything to go by. Thanks to Angry Liberal.

I’ve mentioned before that James Berardinelli is my favourite critic. Well he’s currently working his way through his top 10 of the year. Here’s what he said about Closer:

#7: Closer : Closer is an anti-romance film. At first, it appears to be about longing and love, but it quickly becomes apparent that the forging and breaking of relationships in this movie are conduits for gaining power and causing pain. Sex is more of a tool and a means of one-upsmanship than it is an expression of passion. The subject matter is compelling, disturbing, and potent, and is no further from “reality” than any of the great screen romances. (Although we would prefer to believe in happily-ever-after scenarios instead of the one proposed by Closer). Director Mike Nichols places the focus squarely on the actors, and it’s worth noting that Natalie Portman and Clive Owen steal scenes from Oscar-winner Julia Roberts and two-time Oscar-nominee Jude Law. It’s not that Roberts and Law aren’t effective, but they are, at least in this production, outclassed. Portman and Owen will almost certainly be mentioned in a month when the 2005 nominees roster is read. Admittedly, if you enjoy only sunny, optimistic movies, Closer is not for you. But if you appreciate films that delve into the darker side of humankind’s psyche, this picture offers a tough-to-shake snapshot.

And on the topic of Closer, it pulled in 1.7 million this weekend and is well outside the top 10 now.

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