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Things have been a bit lean over xmas but we’ve got quite a bit to get through today.

Let’s start off with some belated additions to the Closer editorial. 3 reviews have been added. One positive, one negative and one horny.

Some more site stuff with the results of the xmas poll:

What do you want for christmas?

Natalie under my tree 61.33% (414 votes)

World peace 17.33% (117 votes)

The Garden State DVD 14.81% (100 votes)

I don’t celebrate christmas, you sonuvabitch 5.78% (39 votes)

You know, I expected world peace to lose to Nat but didn’t think it’d be that much of an ass kicking. That’s either sad or funny.

And here’s a new poll to bring in the new year.

Righto, let’s get to some Natalie (Portman, not Merchant) news. First up is this new sexy pic found by Sommerfly.

Another new pic…well sorta. You may remember that head from somewhere.

Natalie made the IMDB’s Star Meter for 2004. Thanks to Kris.

Lyra says that Natalie is in the new Nikki magazine. If anyone is able to check that out please let me know.

And finally, Loleia sent in this scan (that freaking head is everywhere!) from the spanish mag, Cinemania. The translation…

“The Lovers of Paris”
Fernando Trueba will direct Javier Bardem, Walter Salles will direct Gael Garcia Bernal, and Tom Tykwer will direct Natalie Portman.These are some of the 20 directors and 40 actors from around the world who will have a role in “Paris je t’aime”, a French and Spanish co-production which will describe 20 love stories that take place in 20 districts of Paris.

She also whipped up a couple wallpapers. Click here and here.

That’s all for now.


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