Hey all

Wow, there really isn’t much news at the moment. It’d be nice if news was sorta evenly spread throughout the year but hell, what can ya do. Natalie surely deserves some quiet time before the awards season frenzy kicks in.

There’s a new Star Wars pic that hit a few days ago. I wasn’t going to post it but since there’s so little news, what the hell. Be warned though, it’s spoilerific.


Thanks to Bonnie, Mike, Babel and Dawn.

Cal found this fun awards list…The Edgy Awards.

We still haven’t gotten word on if there is anything new in the latest Nikkistyle magazine. But here is what the cover looks like so if you happen to see it on the shelves, take a browse and let me know. Thanks.

And finally, Orionsaint sent in this gif from the Anchorman extra cd, Wake Up Rob Burgundy.

That’s it for now.