V poster

Hi again

I guess we can pencil in a release date of 5th November if this poster is anything to go by. Of course the 5th of November is Guy Fawkes day in England (and here in South Africa).

I was going to do a “worst of 2004” poll but I’ll save that for the weekend because it’s time to find out…What do you think about Natalie starring in V for Vendetta?

Here are the interesting results of the last poll:

What was your fav Nat moment of 2004?

The return to form and pure joy of Garden State. 27.26% (217 votes)

The thong! 23.62% (188 votes)

Gael and Nat breaking up. 10.3% (82 votes)

The performance and Golden Globe nomination for Closer. 10.05% (80 votes)

Campaigning for Kerry. 7.04% (56 votes)

The new magazine shoots like those for Elle, Another Magazine and Vogue. 6.28% (50 votes)

The Charlie and Nat double team on Letterman. 6.03% (48 votes)

The Actors Studio appearance. 4.77% (38 votes)

Promoting FINCA. 1.88% (15 votes)

The Allure letter. 1.63% (13 votes)

Wow, the thong and Garden State are the gifts that keep on giving. But damn, Nat and Gael breaking up was more of a high point than her working with FINCA? Wicked wicked people.

And finally, *name removed cos he’s a dick* sent in some very nice wallpapers.


Apparently, at least one of the wallpapers was stolen. Tsk tsk. Please, only send in your OWN work.

Two – Apparently made by Shanti.

Things are heating up again so I’m sure I’ll be back soon.