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Hi again

Ok, well you’ve probably noticed the new banner. A big thanks to Gregg for that. We’ll probably keep it up for a week or two so I hope you all enjoy.

Right, let’s get to some goodies.

Christine found a clip of Nat getting asked a couple questions in the press room. You can download it here.

Speaking of, Amy and Nicole sent in these little blurbs from E!

Best and Worst:
And You Should Hear What Diane Sawyer Calls Him: Though it made some of us a little uncomfortable–not in the good way–Natalie Portman referred to Mike Nichols as her “friend-daddy-rock star.” Mick Jagger, we suspect, is feeling a tad jealous.

Potty-Mouthed Portman: We may have gotten this wrong, but it looked like the camera caught Natalie mouthing a ribald comment to one of her tablemates. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

Best Actress Who Didn’t Win Either: With two frosty words (“Congratulations, Natalie”), Meryl Streep brought down the house by pretending to be mad at wee Natalie Portman, who took the Supporting Actress award that Streep had also been nominated for.

Backstage Blog:
8:17 p.m.: Portman is the first star in the backstage interview room. She looks tiny. And more than a tiny bit overwhelmed.

8:18 p.m.: Why did Portman wear a slip…sorry, a ChloĆ© designer dress? “I just wanted to be comfortable,” she says.

8:22 p.m.: Portman plays a stripper in Closer, but in real life, she “get[s] really nervous talking in front of a lot of people.”

8:23 p.m.: Unlike Portman, Clive Owen is one cool cucumber. He says he hadn’t even sat down at his table in the Hilton ballroom when he was called up to accept his trophy. Owen says, “It was the strangest three minutes.”

That “potty mouthed” comment was hilarious. They had just shown a Closer clip, which ended with Alice (Nat) telling Larry (Clive) to “f*ck off” but that part was edited out. However you could still clearly see her mouth the words. Nat obviously found it funny and they cut to her mouthing them again to someone at her table while laughing.

We’ve got a new editorial up and it was sent in by a visitor to the site. I’d like to encourage more people to do the same although I can’t guarantee we’d use every rant as an editorial.

Which leads nicely into the results of yesterdays poll:

What did you think of Natalie’s Golden Globe look?

Wonderful 37.22% (294 votes)

I’ve seen worse 32.15% (254 votes)

Refreshing 26.33% (208 votes)

I’ve never seen worse 4.05% (32 votes)

Ok, we’ve found out about the dress and now it’s time to guage opinions on the speech.

Eonline called Nat’s speech creepy. Thanks to Joits.

Creepiest ‘Thank You’: Natalie Portman, who, in her best little-girl voice, called her “Closer” director Mike Nichols the “nicest, smartest, wisest daddy …” Considering she played the most wholesome stripper ever to grace the silver screen, Portman’s gratitude left us — and we’re guessing Diane Sawyer, Nichols’ wife — with an all-over feeling of squickiness.

But what do you think?
Click here for the new poll.

And now for some other bits and bobs.

This CNN article looks at the Globes in relation to the Oscars.

“Closer’s” chances for acting Oscars improved with wins in both supporting actor and supporting actress categories. Clive Owen won the former over nominees that included Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby”) and Thomas Haden Church (“Sideways”); Natalie Portman received the latter, defeating the predicted front-runner, Cate Blanchett, who played Katharine Hepburn in “The Aviator.”

In Touch Weekly magazine editor — and Goldderby.com awards pundit — Tom O’Neil, for one, said he wasn’t surprised. He predicts good things for Portman at the Oscars.

“There’s a tradition of … young actresses winning for these roles,” he told CNN.

All that means is that the Academy Awards are still anybody’s race.

Thanks to Fan11.

Amidoll found these nice blurbs:

Portman triumphs: kosher cutie Natalie Portman has scooped her first major film award. The 23-year-old won Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood on Sunday for her role in the dark comedy Closer, and is now hotly tipped to repeat her success at the Oscars next month. And just hours after her Globe victory, Portman landed another Best Supporting Actress nomination for the role ? this time at the British Academy Film Awards (Baftas). Those gongs?ll be handed out on February 12, so expect to see Nat strutting the red carpet in London?s West End.


Sandra Oh consoled weepy “Sideways” co-star Virginia Madsen in a ladies’ room after Madsen lost out to Natalie Portman, says a spy.


Not all of the losers took it badly though. Cate Blanchett made these kind comments about Nat.

Two booths down, The Aviator’s Cate Blanchett, who lost out to Closer’s Natalie Portman, was making fun of her consolation prize: a small placard she received from the entertainment news show The Insider, declaring her Jean Paul Gaultier gown “To Die For.” She held up the card, laughing, as her pals photographed her. “I won, I won!” she crowed.

Blanchett exchanged kind words with Portman, who nibbled on vegetarian appetizers. “She has the most gorgeous elf spirit,” Blanchett said. “I adore her.”


Ok, I think that’s enough for now. I’m going to hold off the fanart again cos this update is already too long.



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