It’s about time I catch up on all the fanart from the last week.


Gregg sent in a GG themed wallpaper to go with the new banner. Click here to check it out.

Ahmed El-Khuffash sent in another GG wallpaper, in 4 different flavours:

1280×1024 – No text
1280×1024 – Text
1280×854 for Powerbook – Text
1280×854 for Powerbook – No text

And with the last of the GG wallpapers, here’s Barry’s submission.

Brian sent in this wallpaper during my HD problems.

Max sent in a couple wallpapers using the great Elle pics. Click here and here.

And now the best for last.

DJeevan sent in this wonderful digital painting.

And Jeremy Conrad sent in this great mosiac.

Ok, that’s it for now. A big thanks to all of you who contribute to the site with submissions.

I’ll be back later with some news and other goodies.