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A number of you have expressed interest in somehow being able to congratulate Natalie for her win. Now let me reiterate, there is no direct communication with Natalie. Not even for us. However, I’m thinking that it might be a nice idea to compile some nice congratulations letters and send them to her people. More than likely they won’t make it to Natalie but I think it’d be a nice gesture.

So, if you’re intested, send me your letter.

Ok, let’s get our update on.

There are some more additions to the new editorial. Check them out over here.

Closer has opened in a number of new countries and it’s doing pretty well, making it to number 1 in the UK and Germany. Click here for more info. Thanks to JC.

And now a bunch of tidbits.

This article indicates that Natalie is so nervous she might not attend the Academy Awards. Sounds like BS to me.

Natalie Portman says she is more like a chocolate bar than a sex

The beautiful star confessed she had a lot of unwanted attention from middle-aged men after starring in ‘Leon’ aged 12 – but says since ‘Star Wars’ she has gratified fans of a different kind.

The now 23-year-old explained: “It can be pretty unsettling to realise you are considered a sex object at the age of 12 after ‘Leon’. “It’s nice now to have 10-year-old fans and not just old men – who are all smiles when they meet ‘Star Wars” Queen Amidala – as if they have just been given a Snickers bar.”

The Golden Globes winner added: “It makes me happy to have the same effect on people as a bar of chocolate.”

Meanwhile, Natalie is reportedly planning to snub the Oscars – because she’s too nervous.

The actress, who is up for Best Supporting Actress in new movie ‘Closer’, has told friends she is too intimidated by next month’s glamorous ceremony to turn up.

A source revealed: “She doesn’t like the glitz and glamour. She almost didn’t make it to last weekend’s Golden Globes because she was panicking about what she was wearing. The Oscars is ten times worse.”

Source thanks to Jake and Angie.

MSN has Natalie as the highest search mover.

In the new TV Guide there is a blurb from an interview with Melissa Rivers.

Q: Who are the new red-carpet stars?

MELISSA: Everyone?s saying Mischa Barton. She?s only 19, she?s still got a ways to go. Natalie Portman?s got great style. Kirsten Dunst wears a lot of couture that?s very hard to wear, but she understands why it?s fabulous.

Thanks to Tori.

And finally, what’s an update without an Ali G reference, eh?

Over here is his 2004 Harvard University Commencement Speech. Here are the Nat bits…

Anyways I digest. It iz a well big honour to be arksed ere today. To fink dat so many great people has been educated ere like Lyndon Banes Johnson, or as he is better known – JFK, George Clinton was also ere I fink , and de one before him, and also…William Tell – is he one of your lot, probably, and dat bloke wiv de hat, but most importantly dat really fit honey from Star Wars – if u iz out dere, me’d love to – me iz stayin at de Best Western Hotel – me’s got a really nice room, altho since dis morning dem has put a parental lock on de tv.

Some of u iz de best legal students in de country. U would know wivout even thinking, how to get someone off a charge of possession. And if any of u do, then can me remind u – Room 204 at the Best Western. Just do me a favour put your ear to de door, and don’t come in if u hears me shouting ‘Natalie, play wiv me light saber’.

Ok, that’s all for now.


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