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Tomorrow is the big day. In the morning the Academy nominations will be announced. You’ve got to think Natalie has a good shot at a nomination but it wouldn’t be a *total* surprise if she didn’t. Cross your fingers and we’ll have more on that tomorrow.

In fact, how about a new poll? Not much time to vote but I think it’s worth doing.

Is Natalie going to receive an Oscar nomination?

Oscar Watch has a number of people giving their predictions for tomorrow. Check it out if you’re bored.

Melody has added a couple galleries.

The Evening Standard pics

Just some new pics added to this gallery

And that’s it for now…oh wait, the results of the last poll…

What did you think of Natalie’s Golden Globe speech?

Adorable. 33.26% (305 votes)

Pretty good considering how nervous she looked. 30.32% (278 votes)

Haven’t seen it. 18.32% (168 votes)

Embarrassing. 9.81% (90 votes)

Creepy. 7.31% (67 votes)

More positive than I thought it would be. Good stuff.



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