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As most of you predicted…

If you had to put your money on it, is Natalie going to receive an Academy nomination?

Yes 88.99% (687 votes)

No 9.97% (77 votes)

Natalie picked up the nomination earlier this morning. I still think it’s going to be tough for her to win it but hell, it’s a huge honour to even be nominated and I look forward to seeing her there.

A bit of post nomination news…

Sonoyta found this review of the nominations that includes a quote from Natalie:

“This is, like, crazy. My mom called and said, ‘I’m so proud of you. I can’t believe it,”‘ said Portman, who won the supporting-actress Golden Globe for “Closer.” “I ask, how did I get so lucky to have an amazing experience — have a film I’m really proud of — and then also get recognized by our own community?”

While Peg Leg Greg had this little tid bit:

On Today, Thomas Haden Church was just interviewed via phone, and he mentioned that personally, he was really glad Clive Owen and Natalie Portman were nominated while SAG failed to honor them.

And now for the non Oscar news.

We have added another of Caleb’s banners to the rotation. It’s for Closer.

Quentin has a bone to pick with the site. Normally I would print those emails out just so I can have the satisfaction of shredding them. But he did go about it nicely…and it is a point I’ve never really considered cos I don’t actually surf the site like you all do. So… NEW POLL TIME!

Natalie made it to #25 on Askmen.com’s 99 most desirable women list for 2005. Thanks to Ahmed El-Khuffash.

William sent in a much better quality version of a recent EP3 pic. Padme watches Fight Club

Don sent in an article (with pic) scan from the Australian Herald Sun. Nothing new though.

And now for a good dose of fanart.

iTaL0dAncEr kicks things off with a couple great wallpapers. Click
here and here.

Sean whipped up some more Leon posters. Very nice indeed.

Gersom sent in this edited GG pic.

And finally, Queen of England sent in a buttload of stuff.
People are holding me hostage. help…
Call 911

Ok, that’s it for tonight. Just one personal note. I need help with this itching in my pants new program I got, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

I’m learning the basics of editing and if there is anyone out there who knows the program well and is willing to help…E ME.

This is academy award nominee Natalie Portman’s unofficial site’s webmaster, DAZZA, signing off…I need that on a t-shirt or something.


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