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Sorry for the lack of an update. Today got incredibly busy for some stupid reason. I’ve got to get up early tomorrow so I can’t do it now but tomorrow!!!

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Here are a couple things to placate you.

Webcyan found these nice Nat mentions at Hollywoodbitchslap.com

Letting Go Of 2004: Something To Remember (The Year’s Best & Worst)

1. Garden State
When I saw this film at Sundance in January, I knew it was going to end up on my year?s ten best. What I didn?t expect was the weight it carried with it in the months that followed. A hypnotic teaser trailer with its closing credits song by Frou Frou reminded me of how much I loved it. I waited months and months to see it again, organized groups for opening weekend and ?guaranteed? that every one of them was going to love it. I shuddered as the tear-inducing moment at Sundance was left out of the theatrical version, but found new ones sprinkled throughout. Not only did the DVD include that moment in the deleted scenes section, but I could vividly point out each and every moment that was cut out from what I had seen some 11 months ago. How many films can leave such an impact? Very, very few. All the more remarkable since it was Zach Braff?s first shot out of the box as triple threat writer/director/star. Some call it The Graduate for my generation. I contend it?s even better, dissecting a culture of automotons all searching for a clone of the definition of happiness through a cavalcade of emotions, pharmaceuticals and financial schemes. Braff?s performance is a subtle exercise in unthawing and Natalie Portman evoked Diane Keaton in Annie Hall to continue her hold on to the title my friend likes to call ?the coolest girl ever, period.? The year?s best soundtrack never left my CD-changer and only evoked more memories of the year?s best film. Great dialogue. Phenomenal soundtrack. Braff. Portman. Peter Sarsgaard. Garden State. The best film of 2004.

Hollywood?s Hottest Women of 2004

What list of hot women in Hollywood could ever be complete without Portman involved? Put simply, she?s awesome in every single way you can be awesome. She picks awesome scripts, she pulls off awesome performances, she makes you fall for her in every single outing, no matter what, she?s a smart cookie to boot, and clearly (if you take her Garden State performance as a guide) she has a sense of humor. Best of all, after making film geeks decidedly uncomfortable with the amount of praise we once heaped upon her when she was 13 (Beautiful Girls AND The Professional AND Heat? That?s a career right there!), we can finally feel good about liking her? Unless of course Star Wars Episode III features a lot of George Lucas? always-awful love dialogue, in which case she might have a few brownie points to earn back in the years to come.

And Steve M found this short article about Natalie studying people. She can study me any day of the week.

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