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I’m still mulling over the editorial. I need another night to think on it.

But we do have a new poll up, just make sure you read my earlier Free Zone update first.

And here are the very close results from the last poll.

Would Closer have been more powerful with nudity?

No, it would have detracted from the scene. 34.88% (376 votes)

I haven’t seen the film yet. 25.88% (279 votes)

Absolutely. 21.8% (235 votes)

I’m too much of a perv to answer that honestly. 16.6% (179 votes)

E! Online had a year end poll and Natalie topped the Best Show of Skin category. Interestingly, Gael also made the list…there’s a joke there but I’m not touching it. Thanks to Kevin.

Loleia sent in this cover of Spanish mag Cinemania. It’s an old pic but the quality is much better than the version we have in the gallery. Look at that thigh!

And now for some fanart.

iTaL0dAncEr has mercifully changed his name to bENi and here are a couple more wallpapers. Click here and here.

Tim sent in this cool colorization.

And finally, OCRAM sent in this collage.

Ok, that’s it for now.


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