Dark Horizons has a bit of SW info. Seems Nat has had to do a few reshoots.

The official site reports of a pick-up shoot of four scenes in London’s Elstree Studios on January 31st, with Natalie Portman (Padme Amidala) and Hayden Christensen (Anakin/Vader). They did not share the scene. The pickup is mainly to patch over continuity or accommodate changes in dialogue. Hayden shot a ‘follow through’ for the fight with Count Dooku (Christopher Lee). In the film, Dooku tosses Anakin and Obi-Wan through the air like ragdolls. ILM has a deadline for the effects shots of April 1st.

I wonder if Howard has seen Closer. Probably not if this is still his point of view. Thanks to Israel for this tidbit.

Another Nat Blurp again on Howard Stern. The topic was about who is sexy or like 1-10 who is sexy. Natalie name was brought up by one of Howard’s crew. Howard right away says, “She’s not hot!” But one of his crew counters, “Come on! She’s hot!” Howard did not budge with his comment. “um….She’s not hot!” That’s it and keep up the good work.

There another “who should win the Oscar” poll, this time on MSNBC. Natalie is currently in the lead (I’m sure the pic they used didn’t hurt) so let’s keep it that way. Thanks to Celiana.

Celiana found a fun little game at rogerebert.com of all places. Go to the site and scroll down to Play Stylist to the Stars.

Alberto scanned the Cinemania article and pics. It’s in Spanish but what the heck…

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Let’s catch up on the various bits and bobs floating around my inbox.

Scott sent in a wallpaper of that cinemania cover. It really is a stunning pic, isn’t it?

And Barry also took a shine to that pic. Here is his wallpaper.

And finally, bENi is back with a couple more wallpapers. Click here and here.