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We’ve got quite a full update today and tomorrow should be the same.

First up are a couple new galleries. They’re not the most flattering paparazzi pics and Nat doesn’t exactly look like a happy camper. But hell, nobody should be looking happy 24/7. Anyway, if you don’t like those kind of pics, just don’t click.

You clicked, didn’t you? Thanks to Chloie.

Roger F was kind enough to send in better quality scans from premiere.


Mike messed around the the Interview series and the results are pretty cool.


Steve found this funny Nat blurb on the sports illustrated site.

I’m watching college hoops highlights Saturday night, and I notice all the coaches are wearing outfits that remind me of David Letterman back in the Late Night days. That is, suits and sneakers. So I phone colleague and old college buddy, Marty Burns — the only other guy I know who will be home on a Saturday night.

Me: “What’s up with all the college coaches wearing sneakers?”
Marty: “They’re against cancer.”
Me: “Who isn’t?”

(You ever notice how I always give myself the best lines in these blogs?) Seriously, while it’s great coaches are raising money for this cause, but who’s pro-cancer? I mean, it’s like being anti-Natalie Portman. Why didn’t the coaches call it what it really was: casual Saturday?

So true.

And Jen sent in this blurb, which reveals Natalie’s paycheck for Closer, from US Weekly.

Now for a couple pieces of fanart.

Pranab sent in this cool wallpaper.

And finally, bENi sent in a couple more wallpapers. Click here and here.

Be back very soon…


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