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By February 13, 2005Site-news


So…Valentines Day…

I’m tempted to be cynical but…screw it. If you’re in a relationship, I hope you have a great day with your loved one. And while doing something really romantic today is great, doing something even more romantic tomorrow as well is even better.

I don’t remember why we relaunched the site on Valentines, those 5 years ago. Maybe it was a fluke. Maybe it was some sort of social commentary. Maybe it was a Sanjiro joke that nobody got.

Regardless of the why’s, here we are. Still kicking after all these years.

There are still a number of things I want to do with the site, the top priority would be finding Sanji. With the np.comic on ice and my utter inability to write funny updates anymore, the site needs some freaking humour.

Anyway, thanks to all the support. If you were here from the very beginning…wow…you must be very bored.

Today is a special birthday vs valentines fanart update. There can be only one…

Loleia kicks things off with two great birthday wallpapers. Click here and here.

Woo! 2-0 to us!

But she also sent in 4 valentines wallpapers.


But we’re not out of it yet cos this thoughtful wallpaper from M.S Fan pulls it back to 3-4.

But Gregg rains on our parade with this stylish Valentines wallpaper (I’ll be posting more tomorrow)…and once more, we’re 2 behind. 3-5

And bENi makes it 3-6 with this wallpaper.

Don’t worry. We can still come back from that, right?

Wrong. Brian hammers things home with this wallpaper.


Damn you valentines. Damn you to hell!

Oh, also have to mention Imaculata’s special valentines banner.



I’m gonna go spoon with my pillow.



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