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Just a quick update tonight.

The readers of Rotten Tomatoes have voted for their favourite films and the results are here. Garden State was the favourite Drama and it was also the second best trailer of the year.

Here are the results of our last poll.

What is DAZZA’s new idea for the site?

He’s lying, he doesn’t have a plan 42.67% (294 votes)

A (probably fake) interview with Nat 15.82% (109 votes)

A different kind of Nat related comic 15.38% (106 votes)

A NP.COM theme song 12.63% (87 votes)

NP.COM : The movie 12.19% (84 votes)

You think I’m lying? That hurts…now I’m going to have to think of a plan to prove you wrong. Will update when I have news.

I’m a bit stumped for poll ideas so…yeah.

Some pretty sweet fanart today.

Roger F sent in 3 great wallpapers.
Cool customer
Jeans like her
Glass cutters

And finally, a couple cool drawings from Solange. Click here and here.

That’s it for now. Have a productive weekend.


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